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In a world where everyone is looking for a bargain,  simply providing value for money is not enough. Customers now want more for less! But how can organizations achieve this when the recession has already forced most costs out?

The answer is to focus on increasing productivity – working smarter not harder.

This is partly about streamlining processes, technology and infrastructure. But, with labour costs incurring such a huge expense for many companies and human ingenuity the main source of competitive advantage, focusing on the productivity of human capital is also critical.

In our experience, people rarely work at full effectiveness. In recent Hay Group research with the FTSE 350:

  • ƒ  32 per cent of employees said they didn’t understand the strategy well enough to implement it

  • ƒ  37 per cent said they expected to kick significant decisions back upstairs

  • ƒ  44 per cent said they only collaborate if they are forced to

  • ƒ  6 per cent said they plan to sabotage plans behind the scenes. 

    Headlines such as these suggest there are some relatively easy fixes & significant benefits to be had in improving people’s productivity and effectiveness.